ICSW Publications

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ICSW reports:

Annual Report - 2008


ICSW brochures:

Iowa Commission on the Status of Women Brochure - 2014
Iowa Gender-Specific Services Task Force Brochure


SHE MATTERS - 2012 Status of Women and Girls in Iowa




Gender balance on boards and/or commissions:

Iowa's Gender Balance Law Brochure - 2013

Status of women reports:

Women in Iowa - 2014

Women in Iowa - 2013

Women in Iowa - 2011

2006 Status of Iowa Women Report
Chapter 1: Population Characteristics
Chapter 2: Women and Education
Chapter 3: Women and Economics
Chapter 4: Women and Health
Chapter 5: Women and Justice
Chapter 6: Women and Politics

Iowa Gender Wage Equity Study 2010
Iowa Gender Wage Equity Study 2008
Contingency Workers Study - 2001
Iowa Certified Nursing Assistant Wage and Benefit Survey 2001
Iowa Certified Nursing Assistants Wage and Benefit Survey 2004
Home Care Workers Wage and Benefit Survey 2004
Pool Worker Survey 2004
Sexism in Education - 2001
A Study of Women and Poverty in Iowa - 2006

Female Juvenile Justice:

Female Juvenile Justice - 1997
Promising Directions: Programs that Serve Iowa Girls in a Single-Sex Environment - 2000
Providing Gender-Specific Services for Adolescent Female Offenders: Guidelines and Resources - 1999

Resources for women:

Divorce: Things to Consider - 2007
Financial Safety Planning for Older Women - 2007

Iowa Women and the Law
La Mujer de Iowa y la Ley

My Medical Records Manager PDF Word

SMALL BUSINESS: Referral Information on Programs to Assist Women and Minorities in Establishing and Expanding Small Businesses - 2010