Health and Safety for Older Women

Aging is different for women and men today than ever before, and research shows that women are particularly vulnerable to certain health conditions like breast cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease. To educate Iowa women on healthy living, disease prevention and treatment, a number of resources are available.

Women's Health Iowa:Healthy Living Over 50 is a comprehensive resource for women developed in partnership between the Iowa Department of Health and Iowa State University Extension. Additionally, the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women participates in a national Healthy Bones project, providing education and information to prevent osteoporosis. Iowa also has state and local chapters of many major health information and advocacy organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Breast Cancer), and many others.

Women are most likely both to be caregivers and to need caregivers; Iowa's Family Caregiver Program offers resources to help. Case management, health insurance, and many other resources are available from the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs. The Iowa Caregivers Association is an education and advocacy organization for professional caregivers. The Heinz Family Philanthropies, in partnership with The Foundation for the Future of Aging, has collaborated on a series of information cards to assist consumers and family caregivers who are planning for, choosing and managing long-term care -- 10 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER… About Long-term Care. The 10 Answers will provide the most up-to-date, concise, accurate, and unbiased information related to important issues about long-term care.

Again, older women may be particularly vulnerable to elder abuse, or may be more at risk in the case of emergency or natural disaster. Protect yourself with information about elder abuse, environmental health hazards, and emergency or disaster preparedness. Neither are older women immune from domestic violence or sexual assault.