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Now Available: Gender Responsive Program Assessment tool,
site visit and technical assistance

Created by Dr. Stephanie Covington and Dr. Barbara Bloom (Center for Gender and Justice) and based on their earlier work for the National Institute of Corrections, the Gender Responsive Program Assessment tool© facilitates program evaluation of services to females involved in or at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system, whether in single or mixed gender environments.

There is no cost associated with the assessment or complimentary training/technical assistance (a minimum $925 value). It is part of the ongoing effort of the Iowa Task Force for Young Women to facilitate a comprehensive fundamental change in the juvenile justice system that will enhance the understanding and utilization of innovative gender-responsive approaches in all programs and services.

Programs completing the assessment process will receive a certificate, program recognition at the annual Whispers & Screams conference and priority ranking for scholarships to attend the conference.

What to expect:

  1. You will need to create a team of staff, preferably who possess varied responsibilities within the program.
  2. Your team will complete the assessment tool without assistance from trained evaluators.
  3. A minimum of two trained evaluators will visit your program, generally for a full day, and will complete the assessment tool relying on documentation you provide as well as observation and interviews with program staff and young women.

What you will receive:

  • Evaluators will compile a report outlining the assessment results, including strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations.
  • The Coordinator of the Task Force for Young Women will be available to provide and/or arrange training/technical assistance as requested.

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