Division of Persons with Disabilities

Department of Human Rights



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Strategic Plan




Vision, Mission,

 Guiding Principals




All Iowans with disabilities are able to access employment

matching their abilities, interests and economic needs.




The Division of Persons with Disabilities exists to promote the employment of Iowans with disabilities and reduce barriers to employment by providing information, referral, assessment and guidance, training, and negotiation services to employers and citizens with disabilities.







§         Employment rates of Iowans with disabilities have improved from 42.5% % in 1990 to 63% in 2000 according to statistics from the census bureau.

·        Staff are knowledgeable on disability issues for all types of disabilities including sensory, mental and physical.

·        Gaining knowledge of customer markets via data collection.







Core Functions:

Community Coordination & Development




Goal One:  Iowans with disabilities are empowered with tools to obtain employment.




A.     Youth with disabilities are trained to be successful employees

B.     College graduates with disabilities are recruited for employment

C.    Iowans with disabilities receive quality vocational rehabilitation services

D.    Iowans will have access to accurate information on disability issues and appropriate/available services

E.     Iowans with disabilities will be employed within communities that provide them with safe, healthy, and quality choices to live independently. Iowans are offered information and referrals for quality healthcare including access to mental health care and substance abuse, independent living, housing, transportation, and recreation opportunities.


Goal Two: Employers are supported in their efforts to hire people with disabilities.




A.           Employers will be offered assessment, guidance, and training to recruit, hire, train, retain, promote, and discharge people with disabilities.

B.           Iowa employers will receive information on disability laws and regulations.



Goal Three:  State, County and Local Governments are supported in providing services to and employing Iowans with disabilities.



A.     State, county and local governments will receive assessment and guidance on employment and accommodation of people with disabilities.

B.     State, county and local governments will be provided training on physical and program access.

C.    State agencies will receive training on emergency evacuation of staff and visitors with disabilities.


Goal Four: The division infrastructure will be financially sound.



A.     Effective and efficient internal communications

B.     Effective and efficient management of Division and Commission activities.

C.    Effective and efficient financial management.

D.    Effective and efficient equipment maintenance & inventory.

E.     Effective and efficient vendor/partner services.

F.     Effective and efficient management of human resources.