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Interview Worksheet


A recent research study conducted by GDA Consulting Group asked disability leaders to identify the most important skill when working with people with disabilities. Communication was ranked as number one by a wide margin. Interpersonal communication, one-on-one, is the key to building effective and meaningful relationships. This worksheet is designed to help you make the most of your existing skills and to identify new skills to be developed.

There are three sections to this activity:

1. Pre-interview - Selection of person to be interviewed, time, date, place.

2. Interview - Completion of activity.

3. Post-interview – Follow-though, summary, evaluation.


This is the most important step in this learning activity. The person you select will be your “coach”. Be sure to ask if they will assist you in building your communication and sensitivity skills. They need to be willing to provide you with objective feedback. Some suggestions for finding your communication mentor:

  • A colleague at work
  • A parishioner at church

· A neighbor in your community

· A member of a civic organization

· A staff person at an organization chartered to serve the disabled

If you would like assistance in selecting a person to interview, GDA Consulting Group has a list of people with disabilities who have volunteered to be interviewed. Simply click the mentor request below to send your request and we will assign you a person to be interviewed.



Begin your interview by setting some general objectives. A suggested introduction could be:

“Hello, my name is ______________. I am taking a web-based course in Disability Sensitivity. I would appreciate your perspective on this topic. May I have a few minutes – 10-15 minutes - of your time?”

Personal Information

Tell me about yourself.

· Where do you live?

· How long have you lived there?

· Are you employed?

· How are your employed?

· Where do you work?

· Do you use a computer?

· How do you use the Internet?

· What can you tell me about your family?

· What are your hobbies, special interests?

Disability Sensitivity Questions

What are the most important issues you have as a person with disabilities?

· How do you feel about ………….?

· What type is it ……………?

· What do you think of the ……….?

· How did you react to………..?

· Who do you think is most influential in……?

· Where is the best place to get…………?


· Based on our discussion, what changes would you like to see made?

· How can I do a better job communicating with a person with disabilities?

Thank you for your time, I enjoyed our discussion. May I contact you again to follow up?

Follow up

Thank you card or email with a summary of the interview.