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Illustrative Example - Delta Airlines

Passengers with Special Needs

Delta strives to make sure that passengers with special physical and medical conditions have a pleasant and convenient flying experience. We offer a wide range of services and trained personnel to assist you throughout your travel, from curbside to airplane.

The following frequently asked questions provide important information about traveling with Delta. You may also call 1-800-221-1212 to speak directly with one of our reservations representatives about your specific questions.

Before You Fly

How do I make arrangements for special assistance?
It is best to make your request when you book your reservation. The more information you can provide to our reservations representatives when making your travel plans, the more we can help you. Our representatives will answer questions, discuss your specific needs, and alert you to special notifications and procedures. For example, 48-hour advance notice and an early check-in time are required if you need oxygen or a respirator hookup aboard the plane, or if you are shipping certain battery-powered wheelchairs.

What if I have mobility needs?
Delta's customer service personnel are available to assist customers with special needs in boarding, deplaning and connecting with your flights.

Delta provides free wheelchair service to and from the gates. Please let us know if you require this service when making your reservation. Once at the airport, you can alert a skycap at curbside or a Delta representative at the ticket counter, and a wheelchair will be provided for you.
If you need boarding assistance, Delta has a specially designed "aisle chair" to carry you to and from your seat. Every Delta aircraft also carries a wheelchair for use between the lavatory and your seat.
If you need help making a connecting flight, we will arrange for a wheelchair to transport you to the appropriate gate. Electric cart transportation is also available in several locations. If your trip is over, we will take you to the baggage claim area or wherever you need to go in the airport.
Is it necessary to advise Delta in advance that I will need a wheelchair?
Although we do not require you to request a wheelchair in advance, it helps us provide you with better service if you do. It also helps if you notify us of your wheelchair request when you arrive at the airport for your departing flight.
What if I require special seating on the aircraft?
Passengers with disabilities may be seated anywhere in their ticketed class of service except in emergency exit rows. You should ask your reservations representative or ticket agent about special seating accommodations if you are traveling with a service animal or an attendant who assists you with certain functions during flight, if you have a fused leg, if you need a seat with a movable aisle armrest or if you use an aisle chair to reach your seat.

What do I need to know about Delta's Connection Carriers?
Be aware that when a travel itinerary involves one of Delta's Connection Carriers, you will need to use the steps to enter the aircraft. If you are unable to negotiate steps to board the aircraft, please inform our reservations agents so they can provide you with details about boarding assistance for our partner airlines.

What if I have a service animal or an assistive device?
Delta welcomes service animals that are trained to assist our passengers with mobility, sight or hearing disabilities in the cabin on our flights. However, some locations, including Hawaii and Great Britain, have quarantine laws and others may prohibit or restrict entry of these animals. You should check in advance of your travel date with Delta or your travel agent regarding any applicable restrictions.

Assistive devices or life-support equipment (non-oxygen generating) may be brought into the aircraft provided that the apparatus can fit into a storage location approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you require additional space to accommodate your assistive equipment, you may need to purchase an additional seat.

What if I have a medical condition and/or need to travel with oxygen?
Delta may require a medical certificate explaining your health condition and the possible impact on other travelers. For example, if you have an infectious disease, Delta may require a medical certificate from your physician explaining that your disease is not communicable to other passengers during the normal course of a flight. Delta also requires a medical certificate authorizing the administration of oxygen or confirming that a medical condition would not necessitate extraordinary medical assistance during a flight.

With a minimum of a 48 hours' notice, Delta can provide oxygen onboard the airplane on all of its domestic and international flights. (Delta Express and Delta Connection flights are not equipped to provide oxygen. This service may not be available on Delta codeshare flights. Check with Delta reservations by calling 1-800-221-1212 for information.) For safety reasons, FAA regulations permit only the use of airline-provided oxygen equipment. Delta does not provide oxygen service while you are on the ground. If such service is necessary, passengers must make their own arrangements. Delta charges a fee for on-board oxygen service.

What if I need to take medication at a certain time?
Passengers always should bring medication onboard in carry-on baggage. Never put medicine in your checked baggage. Our airplanes do not have refrigerators onboard, so please plan accordingly. If you use needles to inject medication, it is helpful to have a doctor's statement with you in case security officers have any questions. Delta personnel will not be responsible for administering medication of any kind.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
Delta offers a variety of meals to comply with special dietary requirements on flights which have scheduled meal service. Advanced notice is required and you should ask about meal options when purchasing your ticket. For example, we offer vegetarian, diabetic, low-sodium and low-cholesterol meals on request.

I need someone to meet my grandmother to assist her in connecting to another flight. She will also need a wheelchair.
Please call Delta Air Lines Reservations at 1-800-221-1212 for wheelchair assistance and special services.

At the Airport

What is the difference between wheelchair and electric cart service?
Electric cart service is available only at select airports. Electric carts can not take passengers to different concourses or terminals. Also, electric carts generally make stops at the gates as needed. On the other hand, wheelchair services can be prearranged and will provide transportation to connecting flights and other parts of the airport.

What if I am traveling with my own wheelchair?
Delta transports most types of wheelchairs, including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, electric/battery-powered wheelchairs and electric-powered carts. We ask that you check your wheelchair at the ticket counter or gate, and we will return it to you at the gate or the baggage claim area, as you prefer, when your flight lands.

If you have a battery-powered wheelchair, we ask that you check in at the ticket counter one hour in advance so that we can properly prepare the chair for loading into the cargo section of the plane. We make every effort to load your chair in an upright position and without disconnecting any components. However, some batteries are subject to dangerous goods handling procedures and may require special packaging. We recommend that you have written instructions available to explain how to disassemble your wheelchair.

What if I have a hearing disability?
Please let us know when checking in at the gate if you have a hearing condition so that our gate agents can inform you of any important announcements before the flight departs. When onboard, notify the flight attendants so that they can alert you to any important flight information. In the airport, our gate agents or customer service representatives can assist you with potential gate or schedule changes. Additionally, if you need to make a phone call, most airports have TDD equipment, and our agents can direct you to their locations.

What if I am visually disabled?
If vision conditions make it difficult to find your way through the airport, please request assistance at curbside. A skycap will help you to the check-in counter. From there, a Delta representative will help you get to the gate and assist you with boarding the airplane.

Please also alert the flight attendants. You may need assistance stowing your luggage or identifying items on the service panel. In addition, notify the flight attendants if you will need help leaving the aircraft on landing. If you need help finding the gate for a connection, the baggage claim area or checking the status of a connecting flight, a Delta representative will be happy to assist.

After Landing

Is there a charge for transfer assistance?
Delta provides wheelchair assistance without charge. While a gratuity for the wheelchair attendant is permissible, solicitation of tips is prohibited. You should never be asked for a payment or tip. If this occurs, please notify a Delta agent.

How long should I expect to wait for a wheelchair when connecting to another flight?
We realize that you may be eager to deplane and get on your way to your connecting flight. However, due to the size of our operations at large hub cities, such as Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Cincinnati and Salt Lake City, a wait for a wheelchair and attendant is not uncommon. Rest assured, we will be aware of your connection time and will plan for the transfer accordingly.

What if I encounter a problem?
Delta has specially trained complaint resolution officials, CRO, in every airport to meet the needs and concerns of our passengers with disabilities. These employees are responsible for ensuring that disabilities policies and procedures are properly implemented. They will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. To locate these officials, ask any Delta representative at the airport.

We want to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please fill out our Customer Comment card located in Sky magazine, write to us at Delta Air Lines, P.O. Box 20980, Atlanta, Georgia 30320-2980

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