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Client Assistance Program

The Client Assistance Program (CAP) is mandated in each state in order for that state to receive federal rehabilitation funds. This program is a 100% scales of justicefederally funded formula grant program.

In Iowa, the Division of Persons with Disabilities, Department of Human Rights, had been designated by the Govenor to operate CAP for the past 20 years. Federal law requires that the program be operated outside of the rehabilitation agencies it monitors. In Iowa this includes the Department for the Blind,Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and the seven centers for independent living and rehabilitation agencies they contract with for client services. The program operates on the federal fiscal year ending September 30.

Over the past fiscal year one disability consultant provided CAP services. CAP provides the following services to Iowans with disabilities:

  • Advise and inform clients and applicants of all services and benefits available to them through programs authorized under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended (Act);
  • Assist and advocate for clients and applicants in their relationships with programs authorized under the Act;
  • Inform individuals with disabilities in the State of Iowa, especially those who have traditionally been unserved or underserved, of the services available to them under the Act and under Title I of theAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Provide representation on the State Rehabilitation Council;
  • Advocate for systems change in agencies funded under the Rehabilitation Act to improve services to Iowans with disabilities.

CAP staff provided presentations to approximately 300 individuals on various disability topics including the Rehabiliation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act Title I, services offered by CAP and the Division of Persons with Disabilities and other specific disability information.

Information and referral services are available to all Iowans. In previous years, requests for these services had grown; however, as more individuals use electronic access to information, the number has dropped. The chart below depicts the requests over the past 14 years. In fiscal year 2008, there were 402 requests.

Information and Referral Graph

There were 5,150hits on the CAP web pages this year and 7,500 publications and brochures
were provided.
Publications availabe on-lin and in hardcopy include: CAP Service Brochure, Disability Rights Guide for Iowans, and The Americans with Disabilities Act: Employer/Employee Rights and Responsibilities Guide

Information requests fall into three primary categories shown above.

Graph information requests

CAP services assist clients of the rehabilitation agencies in resolving problems
so their rehabilitation programs can continue and they can move to employment. Results of these services during the year are depicted below.

Graph case outcomes

The race/ethnicity of CAP clients:

Graph Race Ethnicity

The level of requests for CAP intervention to assist in working with programs authorized under the Rehabilitation Act had remained fairly constant.The chart below shows the individual cases served. There were 59 individual cases served during fiscal year 2008.

Graph cases served

View the CAP Annual Report for 2013-coming soon!

If you have questions or need additional specific information, please call
Mike Williams at 1-800-652-4298 or email her at Mike Williams.
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