Hiring and Working with an Interpreter


Who Pays for an Interpreter?

Funding for Interpreting Services


As of July 1, 2009, DHS (Department of Human Services), will pay for interpreting services under Medicaid. This is how is works. A doctor's office is an approved Medicaid Provider. That means they can accept Medicaid and get paid by Medicaid for providing services. The doctor's office must still hire and pay the interpreter for services. However, now they can also submit a bill to Medicaid to get reimbursed for the interpreting services. This memo has more information how this works, how much they can get reimbursed for, and who to call with questions: Download PDF or View HTML.

Federal Tax Incentives

Federal Tax Incentives

Information for State Agencies

Information for State Agencies Brochure: Download PDF

Funding for Events Not Covered by State or Federal Law

DSCI's Contractual Program

What Laws Require an Interpreter?

What Credentials Must an Interpreter Have?

Working in a legal setting: Iowa State Requirements

Licensed by the State of Iowa: Iowa Department of Public Health Licensure

Samples of licenses, certification, and membership cards: Download PDF

What If I Have a Complaint?

The Iowa Department of Public Health handles complaints: View the information they provide.