Instructions for Independent Study

Instructions for CMP Participants

Step One:

Decide the activity for which you want to earn CEUs. Keep in mind that the Independent Study will require you to answer questions such as What and Why you want to do the activity? What are your specific goals? How will you accomplish these goals? How will you show what you have learned? How much time will the activity involve?

Step Two:

Contact an RID Approved Sponsor to discuss your ideas, CEUs (a maximum of 2.0 CEUs can be awarded for each Independent Study), and to process your paperwork. The Sponsor will give you the Independent Study Plan form to complete and sign and return to the Sponsor. (You may only begin work on your Independent Study once the Sponsor approves and signs-off on the Independent Study Plan!)

Step Three:

Document your time and efforts throughout the activity. At the completion of the Independent Study, send the Sponsor your report, documentation and other information pertinent to the activity that you noted in your Activity Plan. The Sponsor reviews the documentation to ensure that it meets the standards and goals agreed upon in the Activity Plan, and if so, will send the appropriate paperwork to the National Office.

Updated January 2006