Independent Study Plan

This Independent Study Activity Plan must be approved by a RID Approved Sponsor
PRIOR to the onset of the activity.

CMP Participant Name: __________________________ RID Member #:____________ Participant’s Address: _____________________________________________________ City:________________________ State:________________ Zip:__________________ Email:___________________________________ Phone #________________________

  1. What do I want to do? Describe the activity you are proposing. (Ex: I would like to know more about the process of translation from a linguistic point of view. Several books on translation have been recommended. I would like to read them and apply them to my work.)

    1. What are my specific goals? Keep your goals measurable, observable, tangible!

    2. (Ex: “I will compare the problems and techniques of spoken language interpreters to those I have experienced.”)
  2. How will I show my sponsor what I learned? Describe your evaluation process.(Ex: I will write a 1-2 page report comparing spoken and signed translation work.)

    1. How many CEUs am I proposing and why? Remember, in an educational setting, 10 contact hours = 1 CEU. Non-traditional activities should follow a different ratio. A maximum of 2.0 CEUs can be earned for each project. (Larger projects may be broken into components and each component filed as a separate independent study project earning up to

    2. 2.0 CEUs each.)

  3. When will this proposed project start and end? Project must be completed within twelve months.

I agree to implement the Independent Study Activity as outlined in this plan and to submit all the necessarydocumentation of successful completion to my Sponsor. I certify that this activity for CEU credit toward the RID CMP requirements represents a valid and verifiable Continuing Education Experience that exceeds routine employment responsibilities.

Participant’s Signature Date Participant’s Name (print)

I will insure that this Independent Study Activity will be overseen and evaluated by individual(s) with the relevantexpertise. I, or my designee, have discussed the Independent Study Activity outlined in this plan with the participant and agree that it represents a valid and verifiable Continuing Education Experience. Further, I or my designee, agree to assess the documentation submitted to me by the participant upon completion of the Independent Study Activityand award _____ CEUs if completion is satisfactory.

Sponsor’s Administrator Signature Date Sponsor’s Administrator Name (print)

Updated July 2005