Iowa Department of Human Rights

Division of Community and Advocacy Services

Deaf Services Commission of Iowa

Commission Meeting – November 19, 2011


Old Business

Commission Packets

Department of Human Rights was reorganized in the spring of 2010 and is currently going through a transition with the new code. Commissioners received the new code and updated information that included Chapter 216A Department of Human Rights, Chapter 21 Official Meeting Open to Public (Open Meetings) and Chapter 17A, Iowa Administrative Procedure Act as requested.

New Business

Legislative Issues – Iowa Legislature will start in January.

Accessible Mental Health Services for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing The Department of Human Services is going through a Mental Health Services redesign.
Interpreting Licensure Starting July 1, 2011, temporary licensees are responsible for meeting all licensure requirements to obtain licensure.
Legal Interpreter Accessibility

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children’s Educational Bill of Rights

Contractual Interpreting Program Funds FY 12 - DSCI has used over half of the

money allotted since July. There are limited funds available each year. When the

funds are gone, the program ends until the next fiscal year.