Commission Meeting

                 Friday, November 19, 2010

            Lucas State Office Building – Room 201

                         Des Moines, IA 

                   10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



The DSCI Commission Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Theresa Legg at

10:05 a.m., Friday, November 19, 2010, Lucas State Office Building, Des Moines, IA.


Members present: Theresa Legg, Gus Cordero, Dr. James Snyder, Robert Vizzini and Tammy Westhoff Gentry


Ex-Officio Member absent:  Preston Daniels


Staff members present:  Suzy Mannella, Stephanie Lyons and Linda Scott


Interpreters:  Mary Brandt, Peggy Chicoine, Kim Kischer-Larson, and Joe Trelstad


Captioner:  Karrie Truitt


Visitors:  Kathryn Baumann-Reese, Administrator, Community Advocacy and Services (CAS) Division and Cyndi Chen, Resource Administrator, CAS


Commissioners, staff, captioner and interpreters were introduced, visitors recognized and ground rules for the meeting presented.


Approval of the Agenda:   

Motion #11-4:  There being no changes to the agenda of the November 19, 2010 meeting, motion was made to approve the agenda.  Cordero/Vizzini  All in favor, motion carried.


Approval of Minutes from August 20, 2010:

Motion #11-5:  There being no changes to the minutes of the August 20, 2010 meeting, motion made to accept the minutes as presented.   Snyder/Cordero  All in favor, motion carried.


Staff Reports:

Mannella and Lyons reported on their activities for the Office of Deaf Services this past quarter.


DHR Board Representative Report

Snyder provided the Commission with updates of the first DHR Board meeting held Thursday, November 18, 2010 in Des Moines and asked for recommendations to be brought to the Board before the next meeting set for January 19, 2011.  Recommendations and suggestions can be e-mailed to Snyder.  Board will also work with the Divisions within DHR to hold a Legislative Breakfast the first quarter 2011.



Public Comment:

Public discussed

  • possible closing of ITP programs within the community colleges in the state; in particular, Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny was brought up.  IAD Board President, Don Miksell has written a letter to DMACC asking for a meeting to discuss the ITP
  • Rev. Dennis Konkel asked for support of CDI testing in the state and expressed his concern over lack of interpreters in the hospital setting here in the Des Moines area and hopes there can be something done in these needed areas
  • Kathleen Kautzky talked about fire departments and the equipment giveaway of fire alarms to the deaf and hard of hearing in the community


Old Business:

Committee Reports:  Reports were presented to the Commission by the Chair of each Committee:


Culturally Affirmative Mental Health Services/Substance Abuse Education and Aftercare Services:  Dr. James Snyder

Accessible Legal Representation:  Tammy Westhoff-Gentry

Licensed Sign Language Interpreters Meeting Competency Standards:  Robert Vizzini

Opportunities for Youth:  August Cordero

Services That Specifically Address Issues for Those Who Lose Their Hearing Later in Life:  No report at this time


Symposium:  After discussion, Symposium will be postponed until mid-2011.


Coordinating Council for Hearing Services:

Mannella informed that the letter was sent to them and thanked the Commissioners for their support.


Organizational Member NAD/NASADHH:

After last month’s discussion, Mannella asked for a recommendation and vote of the Commission as to whether to become a member of NAD/NASADHH with an annual membership fee of $150.00

Motion #11-06:  Motion to apply for NAD/NASADHH members for this year.  Snyder/Cordero  All in favor, motion carried.


Westhoff-Gentry asked that the Commission place trust in Mannella to decide if this would be something to continue on an annual basis after initial membership.


New Business:

FY11 Budget Update

Baumann-Reese appeared before the Commission to discuss several things –

  • annual budget for DSCI/Commission for FY11
  • introduced Cyndi Chen, Resource Manager for the department under CAS
  • JCP Camp funding
  • a Friends Group for DSCI


  • Iowa Youth Congress (IYC) and participation of deaf students from the Des

Moines area


Officer Elections:

Because Dr. James Grover moved out of the state he can no longer be a Commissioner, a Vice-Chair needs to be elected.


Motion #11-07:  Nominated Vizzini to become Vice-Chair.  Westhoff-Gentry/Snyder

Because he is new to the Commission, Vizzini declined the nomination twice.  Commission will table filling the opening until the February meeting.


Announcements and Adjournment:

Legg announced an upcoming fundraiser for DIAA.  She has tickets available for purchase.


There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 2:06 p.m.






___________________________________    __________________________________

Theresa Legg, Chair                                          Linda A. Scott, Secretary