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Other CJJP Publications (Years Prior to 1999)

Below is a listing of various topics that are the subject of separate CJJP reports issued on or before 1999. Click below to view the reports that are the result of the planning activities of CJJP and the Iowa Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning Advisory Council (CJJPAC) and the Iowa Juvenile Justice Advisory Council (JJAC).

1999 Reports and Updates

1998 Reports and Updates

1997 Reports and Updates

Other Reports and Updates

"State of Iowa 1997 Inmate Profile Data," Lettie Prell, CJJP, 1998.

"Prison Population Forecast: FY97-FY2006," Lettie Prell, CJJP, 1997.

"A Survey of Juvenile & Criminal Justice Personnel: Services for Runaways and Serious Violent Juvenile Offenders," Michael J. Leiber, University of Northern Iowa, 1996.

"Summary Report -- Preliminary Finding from the Midwest Homeless and Runaway Adolescent Project," Les B. Whitbeck, Iowa State University, 1996.

"Responding to Runaways in Iowa: A Discussion of Relevant Laws and Services," Dave Kuker, CJJP, 1996.

"Iowa Criminal and Juvenile Justice Plan 1996 Update":

  • Iowa Correction Continuum Study Issue Report
  • Truancy Study Issue Report
  • Iowa's Prison Population Forecast: FY1996-FY2001
  • Youthful Offender Jurisdiction Plan
  • ...and More

Contact CJJP to request copies of the above reports (in bold text).

Note: Many of the documents are in PDF format. This format requires a PDF Reader which is available for free at the Adobe website.

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