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The intent of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) is to change policies, practices and programs so as to ensure that only those youth who are the greatest risk to public safety are held in secure detention. The overall goals of JDAI are to protect public safety, reduce the unnecessary or inappropriate use of secure detention, and to re-direct public finances to more effective purposes.

The effort, a partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, is grounded in eight core strategies including collaboration; reliance on data; objective admissions screening; alternatives to secure detention; strategies to reduce racial disparities where they exist; expedited case processing; and rigorous facility inspections. CJJP serves as the state-level coordinating center for detention reform efforts. A major point of implementation for JDAI relates to the efforts taking place in local sites in Black Hawk, Polk, and Woodbury Counties. At the state-level administrative oversight is being provided by the Governor’s Youth Race and Detention Task Force, Iowa’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council (JJAC), and the JJAC’s Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee.


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